Wanna be our boss for a day?

Hi everyone there! We’re so happy because our family is getting bigger everyday. Even though our blog is written in Spanish, our family is Internacional, so we wanted to give you thanks for being there.


As we told you at the first post, we love to have a feedback and lot of participation. Anyway, sometimes is difficult to explain your thoughts in other languages. So, here we are!

Last week we made a post asking you for being the director of the blog. We think is funny to give you a chance to introduce us something that is important for you and talk about it.

Do you want us to talk about your favourite film or book? Need information of health? Ideas for a new look? Or maybe, you want us to discuss a relevant problem of nowadays.


So… we are volunteers (but not for hunger games lol). Please, write us a comment saying a theme and the respective muse is going to write it.

But hurry up! Time finishes on monday 8 of June. Then, you’ll see your post the week 15-19 of June. You can write us in English or French (comme vous voulez, mais notre vocabulaire du français est très petit. On fera le mieux on peut)

The muses: Alex, Julia and Nayla

P.D: If there are many ideas of a theme (example: we have 3 ideas of literature for the moment, only first idea we’ll be written that week. The others of course, will appear in following weeks.

Un comentario en “Wanna be our boss for a day?

  1. M.A dijo:

    Se supone que los paises sombreados son los de vuestros lectores? Porque entonces de España no teneis ninguno, lo que es sospechoso.
    Y os habeis planteado que, aunque las visitas sean de esos paises, las personas pueden ser de habla hispana? Porque en norte america hay bastante gente hispana… Independientemente, felicidades.

    Me gusta

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